Education at the private international school Agora Madrid is much more than that of a conventional class; we understand that true educational success lies in an individual’s academic and personal development. For this reason, extracurricular activities are an incredibly important part of our methodology, as they enable the students to develop multiple intelligences and to boost their motivations and strengths. This is why our plans of study incorporate a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

The music education offered at our private international school is exceptional. We offer students the chance to learn to read music, to play an instrument and to perform in concerts, choirs and orchestras. We also work in collaboration with prestigious musical institutions such as the Fabordon Music School.

The plans of study at the international private school Agora Madrid include extracurricular sporting activities: football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, cricket, netball and dramatic activities. Sport encourages the pupils to develop values such as teamwork, perseverance and self-improvement.

Finally, pupils can also take part in other important activities such as art, drama and dance classes. All of these activities help them to develop values such as self-discipline and creativity, and they are an excellent outlet for self-expression which provides both cognitive and emotional benefits.


From Infant Education to Baccalaureate, Agora International School boosts the artistic abilities of all our pupils, who learn to play at least one musical instrument and reach the optimum level to continue their studies and earn qualifications in this field.


Sport is a key part of education at the school, helping pupils to develop and strengthen values such as perseverance, self-improvement, team work and co-operation.

Creative Arts

The creative arts offer our pupils numerous physical and emotional benefits. We encourage art to help them see the world from different points of view, develop their sensitivity and stimulate their intellectual abilities.

Extracurricular Activities

At Agora International School Madrid we offer a broad programme of extracurricular activities so that pupils can develop and strengthen their skills while they have fun with music, sport, languages, dance and a variety of other options.