Extracurricular Activities

At Agora International School Madrid, we offer a broad programme of extracurricular activities in order to boost the physical, intellectual and social development of our pupils. Whether these are activities in sports, music, art or entertainment, they offer a whole host of benefits for our pupils’ all-round development. Through these activities, pupils learn how to better manage their time and organise themselves. They also learn to work in a team, to build relationships with new classmates and work on respect and tolerance towards others.

Sports, performing arts, music, painting, languages, robotics…


Through sports, pupils develop their co-ordination and motor skills while they learn fundamental values such as respect, tolerance, self-esteem, team spirit, and team work. Some of the activities we offer are:
– Infant swimming
– Judo
– Tennis
– Infant football school
– Chess

Sports Club Agora International

Our Sports club teams compete in different sports, offering the children the chance to improve their skills in an atmosphere of healthy, friendly competition. In our club we compete in the following sports:
-Football 7
-Football 11

Performing Arts School

Through the Agora International Victor Ullate Roche Performing Arts School, our pupils are granted access to the dance and performing arts teaching of Victor Ullate Roche, director of the only private, professional dance conservatoire and school of advanced performing arts studies, where pupils enjoy a thrilling journey through dance, singing and acting, as well as privileges in professional access. Classes include:
-Bilingual Musical Theatre (singing, drama, dance)
-Funky / Hip Hop
-Ballet (Pre-dance and Ballet I)

Music School

The authorised Agora International-Fabordon Centre, as well as providing official teaching for pupils from the age of 8 onwards, will continue with classes for children from the age of 3, and for adults (no age limit), offering access to the world of music. As a Trinity College London Exam Centre, rock and pop musicians have the opportunity to earn this qualification here.
– 1st and 2nd LOGSE (musical language, instruments, instrumental group)
– 3rd and 4th LOGSE (musical language, instruments, instrumental group, choir)
– Non-official education (theory subject)
– Instruments
– Combined (instrumental language and instruments)
– Instrumental groups

Art School

Painting and drawing are mental exercises which train pupils in values such as relaxation, concentration, creativity and sensitivity. With the aim of developing their creative capacity, they will learn to express their ideas and have fun with their classmates. Course offered include:
-Water-based paints
-Oil paints


Enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity and lots of imagination is all that pupils will need for the robot to overcome the challenges of each mission. With Robotix, the children will learn to design, build, program and start up robots. We offer workshops in:

– Junior Robotics: Scratch and Lego WeDo, Makey-Makey, 3D printing
– Master Robotics: Mindstorm, App Inventor, 3D printing, Arduino
– Maker Arduino and bq. Engineering, Mechanics, 3D painting, App Inventor, Python and Raspberry Pi


Our extracurricular languages programme aims to further pupils’ grammatical, syntactic and semantic knowledge of their chosen language, improve fluency and encourage communication. We offer courses for Primary and Secondary pupils in: