At Agora International School Madrid we offer high-quality, reliable school services to benefit everyone who forms part of our community. We know that it can be difficult for families to find the balance between work and home life, and that’s why we offer our dining room, school transport and extended school hours.

Dining Room

Since its beginnings, our school has offered the school lunch time service to meet the needs of our families. To guarantee the high quality of this service we decided to have our own kitchen to ensure that food is prepared close to where it is eaten, and served hot. Having our own kitchen also guarantees efficiency if the menu needs to be adapted for specific needs (illnesses or allergies).

School Transport

As the location of our school enables our students to enjoy the advantages of being surrounded by nature, we facilitate travel to school from surrounding areas with our school bus service.

Extended School Hours

Agora International School Madrid understands the work needs of families. We know that schools must take families’ work schedules into account, and so we offer an extended timetable:
Extra hours before school: from 7:00 to 9:00
Extra hours after school: from 17:00 to 19:00