Educational Excellence is one of the three core pillars of NACE Schools.

When we talk about educational excellence at NACE, we refer to the knowledge and academic skills which students need to reach their full potential. We offer our pupils a personalised education to boost their intelligence, as well as various forms of learning to help them achieve both academic and personal success.

The school counts on the expertise of our highly qualified teaching staff, who are actively involved in our pupils’ progress. By motivating them and enhancing their sense of investigation, they help each student to achieve educational excellence at our international school. The use of new technologies is also a key part of the learning process, and strengthens the commitment to educational excellence at our school.


The school’s learning methodology guarantees global preparation in which pupils receive a broad academic and personal education, always under the guidance and with the experience of our highly qualified, dedicated teachers.

Educational Innovation

Characteristic of our educational innovation is the way we boost the values of responsibility, respect, tolerance and social commitment, and the importance of critical and creative thinking.

Our Education

Education is more than the mere transmission of knowledge, it’s about shaping people.

Our Teachers

Teachers at NACE Schools are a key part of the school’s educational project and share the unique values which are characteristic of our teaching methodology.

Psychopedagogical Team

The Psychopedagogical and Guidance Department at Agora International School Madrid is responsible for ensuring that each pupil receives personalised attention.