Agora School Madrid – Educational Excellence – Educational Innovation

At the private international school Agora Madrid, and at the other schools which make up the NACE Schools group, one of our defining characteristics is educational innovation. We understand educational innovation as the incorporation of new activities, which complement and improve the traditional curriculum, into the learning process. As well as making this learning process better, this innovation enables us to improve our pupils’ results and favours their academic and personal success.

Our educational project includes a methodology which goes beyond a traditional class. In order to guarantee a well-rounded education, we incorporate subjects such as sport, music and the creative arts, which are traditionally seen as “extracurricular”, into our curriculum. These activities enable our pupils to develop multiple intelligences and boost their talents and interests.

For our international private school, creating an international, plurilingual environment also forms part of our educational innovation. Pupils at Agora Madrid grow and develop in a diverse cultural environment, guided by our native and bilingual teachers who, thanks to their extensive experience and professionalism, guarantee full language immersion. We believe that learning English as a first foreign language is essential, but at school we also enrich pupils’ learning with the study of French, German and Chinese.

New technologies are one of the basic pillars of our society. As a result, at our school it is vital that we offer this to all our pupils. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) are part of the learning process and are considered another tool in all areas of education. This year our 5th Primary pupils are using tablets for the first time as another element in their learning.

Therefore, our learning methodology is characterised by its innovation. Through educational excellence, our plurilingual environment, the use of ICT in the classroom and co-curricular excellence, we ensure personalised learning, taking the motivations and skills of each individual pupil into account.