Education is more than the mere transmission of knowledge, it’s about shaping people. The pupils will develop their skills to reach their full academic and personal potential at every educational stage, accompanied and guided at all times by the school’s teaching and management staff.

Infant Education

An educational stage with its own identity, Infant Education forms the base for the whole educational process and is where the foundations of all learning processes are consolidated.

Through stimulation and communication we help them to shape their self-esteem, to manage their emotions and to maintain the effort required to continue amplifying their knowledge. Our goal is to develop their potential and we seek a high degree of maturity, adjusted to their personal growth, because each pupil is unique and exceptional.

Primary Education

We begin this new phase, more academic and intellectual, boosting fundamental pillars such as socialisation, cultural involvement and autonomy. The pupils achieve their ambitions while they have a wide variety of positive life experiences. At Agora International School Madrid, all our activities are aimed at boosting the pupils’ mental and intellectual capacity, encouraging them to continue with meaningful learning which enables them to understand the aspects relevant to their own reality, but which doesn’t restrict the personal creativity which makes them unique. All of this is done with the aim of forming mature, cultured, responsible people, who are sensitive to the needs of others.

Secondary Education

With the aim of facilitating our pupils’ arrival into Secondary Education, the school year 6th Primary forms part of the Secondary family. This means that in their 6th year at Agora International School Madrid, pupils work on the specific content for that level, but this is taught by the Secondary Education teachers using the same work methodology and evaluation from Secondary, and requiring the same high standards.


Once the Obligatory Secondary Education Stage is over, our pupils have the option to begin their Baccalaureate studies.

The objective of this new stage is to provide the training, the human and intellectual maturity, and the knowledge and skills to enable them to develop social functions and join active life with responsibility and competence. It will also prepare pupils for access to Higher Education.

International Baccalaureate

Agora International School Madrid is authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB), which enables pupils to access a programme of studies and leading qualification in the field of international education, as well as the most prestigious universities worldwide.