Agora School Madrid – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Infant Education

An educational stage with its own identity, Infant Education forms the base for the whole educational process and is where the foundations of all learning processes are consolidated.

Through stimulation and communication we help them to build their self-esteem, to manage their emotions and to maintain the effort required to continue amplifying their knowledge. Our goal is to develop their potential and we seek an advanced degree of maturity, adapted to their personal growth, because every pupil is unique and exceptional.

At Agora International School Madrid, the teaching staff are a key part of the process, and play a more than active part. They work to make sure that the children are happy, safe and above all, that they have fun while they’re learning, that they are confident in their own ability to progress, and able to recognise their own talents. We hope this Family-School relationship continues to work perfectly, as it is a fundamental part of the process.

First Cycle (1 and 2 years old)

Programme taught entirely in English, using the Direct Method. We base our methodology on the children’s immediate reality, in which they are the direct protagonists of their learning, fostering active and autonomous participation; developing their individual capacities; matching their personal characteristics, needs, interests and cognitive styles; working on the world of emotions, feelings and values. At this level, learning is achieved through play, following the early learning programme made up of sessions of psychomotricity, music, Bits of Intelligence, mathematical games, artistic expression, dramatisation, etc. The dedication and professional work of our tutors and educators means that the basic needs of our pupils are completely covered, while they enjoy a atmosphere of affection and security which complements the entire process.

Second cycle (3-5 years old)

When the children reach the age of 3, we begin the English-Spanish bilingual programme. The pupils have all their classes in English, apart from literacy, with tutoring in both vehicular languages. The distribution is the following:

  • Knowledge of self, 100% in English.
  • Knowledge of their surroundings, the physical, social and natural environment: 100% in English.
  • Language, literacy in Spanish and audiovisual work, technology, literacy using the Jolly Phonics method, psychomotricity, and art in English.

In order to work on the pupils’ motor development, they have psychomotricity classes in English which encourage the correct development of body schema. They are also introduced to the world of music with the help of musicians who specialise in working with these age groups. We complement our language project at this stage with the incorporation of Mandarin Chinese.

Without setting aside the modality of play as a source of learning and stimulation, we apply our methodology based on multiple intelligences to lay the foundations of learning to do, learning to learn, and finally, learning to be. To be flexible, open and understanding people, but who stand by their principles. Working on emotional and social education with a programme which favours physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth, promoting communication, and improving coexistence.

We have a skilled team, in constant training and always up to date with the latest investigations in the field of pedagogy, which enables us to implement active methodologies which respect the different learning styles and paces of each pupil, supported by the Psychopedagogical and Guidance Department.