Agora School Madrid – Educational Excellence – Educational Stages – Primary Education

We begin this new phase, more academic and intellectual, boosting the fundamental pillars such as socialisation, cultural involvement and autonomy. The pupils achieve their ambitions while they have a great variety of positive life experiences. At Agora International School Madrid, all our activities aim to boost the pupils’ mental and intellectual capacity, encouraging them to continue with meaningful learning which enables them to understand the aspects relevant to their own reality, but which doesn’t restrict the personal creativity which makes them unique.

All of this is done with the aim of forming mature, cultured, responsible people who are sensitive to the needs of others. We use a personal methodology, adapted to the different learning processes, especially with those pupils who require greater attention in order to achieve good academic and personal results.

In Primary Education, the fundamental pillar is still bilingualism. All subjects except Spanish Language and Maths are taught in English. Pupils are in a period of personal training, in which they shape their own personalities and learn skills and competencies related to expression and comprehension, reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as artistic and musical understanding and creativity. In addition, they will develop social skills, work and study habits and learn to live with and respect others, all of which is fundamental for success in the later school years and for their personal development. At Agora International School Madrid we promote and work on emotional and social education through a programme which favours physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth, promoting communication and improving relationships.

The school’s fundamental pillars are languages, music, art and sport, which are taught throughout this entire academic stage. In the first year of this phase we begin the study of an instrument: violin, viola or cello, which pupils can continue throughout their time at school. Students also take part in concerts and musical events, accompanied by the school choir.

We continue to promote a family-school relationship, working together continuously, as this is a vital part of our day-to-day school life. Communication with families is constant: we inform them about the process of learning and socio-educational integration, and about the decisions which affect pupils’ academic and professional paths. This is done through tutorials, the pupils’ diaries, by phone or through our online platform. We believe firmly in tutorial sessions to aid our pupils’ all-round development.

This is a phase of growth and training, in which obtaining specific subject knowledge is not enough. This should be accompanied by fulfilment and satisfaction, self-realisation and the need for perfection which leads to inherent and simple leadership in any situation. Learning is a result of the pupils and the education itself as well as the teaching professionals. Quality and excellence blend together seamlessly in a feedback process which doesn’t allow stagnation and obtains the very best results.