Agora School Madrid – Educational Excellence – Psychopedagogical Team


The Psychopedagogical and Guidance Department at Agora International School Madrid is responsible for ensuring that each pupil receives personalised attention.

Psychopedagogical attention is the tool which completes our work in education, to ensure our pupils’ all-round education.
Learning processes and social and family complexity have an impact on daily work, and the need for a team of professionals to assist in achieving the proposed goals is very common.

Main functions of the Psychopedagogical and Guidance Department:

Psychopedagogical Evaluation:

Early detection of learning difficulties.

Individual evaluations of learning development and personal traits.

Collective evaluations to determine learning level as well as to provide professional orientation in secondary level courses.

Psychopedagogical and Guidance Intervention:

Reading-writing groups: to boost effective reading, enrich vocabulary and improve written expression

Spelling improvement program: we encourage the correction of spelling mistakes more effectively through visual memory.

Intervention in learning difficulties: specific difficulties with reading, writing, attention span, etc…

Speech therapy sessions: for students from age 4 who display some difficulty with articulation. The sessions are held in small groups (3-4 students) grouped together according to the difficulty that they all share. We intend to promote communication skills and develop aspects related to pronunciation, semantics or morphosyntactics.

Learning skills and study techniques groups: for Secondary school students. The main objective is to boost the learning capacity of these students.

Professional orientation:, especially at Secondary school level. Guidance to help them to choose further studies or to help them enter the world of work.

Tutorial Sessions/Meetings:

Individual parent-teacher meetings to inform about and coordinate a student’s academic and personal development.

Relationships with other professionals: communication with other professionals (psychologists, speech therapists, doctors, speech therapists, etc…) is important in order to help the student improve.

Personalised tutorial sessions: : students have the option to come to the department to obtain the help they need to face a current situation, whether this is academic or personal.

Talks giving advice to parents and teachers about different learning problems.