Our school offers all the areas and facilities that our pupils need. They are modern, bright and adapted to meet the current legislation, as well as designed to fulfil their most important function: teaching which meets the needs of the 21st century.

Infant Education Classrooms: our classrooms are designed so that the youngest pupils can get the most out of them, and are adapted to their needs in the best and largest spaces. We have removed architectural barriers and seek to provide all the materials necessary at this educational phase.

Specialist Classrooms: The school has two I.T rooms with 25 computers where the pupils can further their knowledge of I.C.T and put this into practice, while our 5th Primary pupils use tablets in the classroom as another tool to improve their learning. Everything is designed to improve the habitability of our facilities as well as their multi-functionality. To do this we make the necessary improvements in those areas used by students, making sure the facilities feel like “theirs” and are designed for them.

We also have a classroom for art, a library, a study room and a large playroom.

Agora International School Madrid has 3 laboratories: for physics, biology and chemistry. The combination of theory and practice enables our pupils to understand the world; sometimes, theoretical explanations are so abstract that pupils are unable to truly understand what is being explained. For this reason, the lab is a uniquely practical experience. In the lab, the pupils have contact with reality, and they see for themselves what can’t be shown on a board. A truly comprehensive education should include enough practical lab work for pupils to understand the facts of the world around them.

The school library is available for all pupils to use, enabling them to further their studies and offering them a place to work when they need it. It is bright, modern and adapted to current legislation.