Agora School Madrid – Global Readiness – School Exchanges

The international private school Agora Madrid offers learning opportunities such as exchanges and international experiences so that our pupils have the chance to improve their linguistic skills and fluency in the target language. These learning opportunities are included in the NACE Schools school curriculum.

Pupils can choose either short or extended stays abroad, both of which offer them complete language immersion and the chance to fully experience the culture of the country. All this is organised seamlessly, under the supervision and with the support of assigned tutors to make the exchange an unforgettable experience while also getting the very best out of the pupils.

Students can choose from different locations such as Ireland or England. For example, Stonar School is an international school in England where our pupils can take part in exchanges and true English language immersion.

In addition, from 5th Primary onwards our pupils enjoy international experiences which involve participation in shorter exchanges with pupils from around the world.