At Agora International School Madrid you will find one great family.

First of all, our pupils. Beginning with the little ones, who learn through games, laughter, love and closeness; moving on to our Primary pupils and their phase of incredible discoveries; to Secondary, where pupils start to become the young adults of tomorrow, and ending with the Baccalaureate and the hard work of everyone to make sure they achieve exactly what they want.

The teachers at Agora International School are our distinguishing feature. A team of highly qualified teaching staff, dedicated to developing pupils’ knowledge, is one of the great values of the private Agora Madrid international school community. Teachers who are completely dedicated to our pupils and their needs, aiming only to get the very best from each one of them.

That’s why we think that teacher mobility at NACE Schools is a great benefit for pupils, as it gives them the chance to develop and to discover new points of view.

Our families, who participate actively, are an essential pillar of our community. The school is a meeting place, and home-school communication is fundamental.

Our former pupils who, in their time at Agora International School Madrid, left their mark on our evolution and still help us to grow by continually searching for areas in which to improve.

We mustn’t forget, either, our team of administrative staff, who dedicate their work to the good of the school, and ensure that all practical aspects of school life run smoothly.

In addition, over the course of the school year, the NACE International Community holds events at the different schools in the group, giving pupils the chance to meet new people, to build relationships in other languages and with people of different cultures, and to understand their own role within this international community. Some of the most popular NACE International Community events are International Music Week, the NACE Olympic Games, NACE-Mun (NACE Model United Nations), and the Arts Competition.

We are all glad to form part of this great family, with members who come from all over the world. Our world is becoming more global, and we prepare our pupils to be part of it.


At NACE Schools, pupils receive the support they need to reach their full potential.

Our Teachers

Our teaching staff are one of our most important assets. Highly qualified, they help and guide our pupils day after day to make sure they achieve their full potential.


At Agora International School we offer a welcoming environment for families and pupils, with support for and dedication to their needs.

Former Pupils

We truly value our community, and that’s why our former pupils play an active role at school – they also contributed to our educational project.