Agora International School Madrid is an international private school, for children aged 0 to 18, which belongs to the prestigious educational group, NACE Schools. We aim to prepare pupils to live and work in our ever-changing, competitive, globalised world, and to do so, we must be at the forefront of educational development and commit to offering pupils a truly international education.

NACE Schools is an international group with schools in 4 countries: Spain, France, the UK and India. Though their geographical locations differ, all NACE international private schools uphold the same core values which shape our educational project. These values play a key role at NACE Schools. All pupils at our international private schools receive their education in a diverse environment which promotes respect, tolerance, social commitment and the sense of belonging to a great community.

Letter from the Headmistress:

Eva Ponte, Headmistress at Agora International School Madrid, leads the school’s educational project together with Agora Madrid’s highly qualified team of staff.

School History:

The history of the school dates back to 1981, when a group of families and other people involved in education decided to try to meet the needs of that time.

Educational Project:

Our educational project is based on 3 core pillars: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness and Co-curricular Depth and Excellence.

Our Values:

The school focuses on values such as critical thinking, creativity, self-improvement, social commitment, respect, tolerance and responsibility.

Agosto, 2018

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School Calendar:

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