Agora International School Madrid – International Private School – Letter from the Headmistress

Dear families,
As Headmistress at Agora International School Madrid, I would like to thank the NACE Group management team for their confidence. I am enthusiastic about leading this school’s excellent project, a group challenge shared by the fantastic team of people and professionals who enable the successful running of our school, always bearing in mind the need to delve further into the path to excellence which NACE Schools and Agora International School Madrid have set as their fundamental value.

Year after year, NACE Schools strengthens their commitment to a project aimed at achieving educational excellence to ensure the best education for their pupils.

After 15 years managing schools both in Spain and internationally, as well as having received an education both in Spain and in England, Brazil, and the United States, I would like to reinforce the philosophy that we are all heading towards a global world, and the need to adopt principles and values that we should all care about.

This global focus, whilst attending to local values, will enable our pupils to adopt values such as tolerance, understanding towards others and the ability to accept differences, which are essential values for professional, personal and social success. NACE Schools, and I myself as Headmistress of this school, promise to follow this path with this global vision and the continued excellence which defines us. We pledge to do so with more strength and resources, so that our pupils are the ones who benefit directly from this educational process, opening the doors to personal, social and professional success. To do so, we are strengthening our international partnerships, obtaining recognition and approval on an international level and opening new schools in different parts of the world. We will provide all that is necessary to further this objective.

We believe that this is the most appropriate way not just to open the doors to the future for our pupils, but more importantly, to allow them the privilege of choosing their own future.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your time and make myself available for anything you might need.

Best wishes,

Eva Ponte
Headmistress Agora International School Madrid