Agora International School Madrid – International Private School – Education in Values

Our methodology is based on an education in values, in which the students unite academic progress with personal development.

Why Agora International School Madrid?

An educational project which defines us and differentiates us from the rest.
Our educational project is built on three main principles:

  • Educational Excellence. Helping pupils to reach their full potential.
  • Global Readiness. This includes mastery of English, which is fundamental for an increasingly globalised world, and the study of other languages: Chinese, German and French.
  • Co-curricular Depth and Excellence. Our music, sport and creative arts programmes enable us to develop pupils’ multiple intelligences.

Thanks to the support and experience of our highly qualified teachers, the school guarantees pupils’ successful academic and personal learning, as well as an education in values. The teaching staff guide and facilitate learning to enable pupils to be independent, to work in a team and to think creatively. We also emphasise the acquisition of essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and critical and creative thinking, in a truly international environment.

Our educational project is part of the importance given to an education in values. We focus on aspects such as critical and creative thinking, self-improvement, social commitment, responsibility, and respect and tolerance. In order for each pupil to reach their full potential, we also incorporate the use of new technologies in the classroom to offer them a new way to search for, analyse and present information. Through all these values we help our pupils to succeed both academically and personally.